What inspires me is Hope… Today I sat and read on Facebook about people professing love and tolerance and just wanting to be good people, no matter what religious beliefs they have, while at the same time bashing on those who were of a differing religious belief. Now they may say that it could have been provoked, or that they are only standing up for what they believe in, but it is still wrong. This is one of the reasons why I am inspired by hope… I have hope that someday it wont be like this. I have hope that all of us can live together and just be nice and caring towards others no matter what. I have hope that deep down, people understand that loving and caring is better than being right all the time. I have hope that someday this world will be better and that we can all be happy. That is what I hope for…


Mehndi Designs

I have always found mehndi designs to be amazing and absolutely beautiful. I think about how people will sit there for hours and have someone come up with these amazing designs and I am in awe. I love them. I love seeing the persian brides with all of their henna designs on their hands and feet and arms. Sometimes I wish that this same practice was done in our culture.


Inspire Me

This blog is a collection of things that inspire me. They are things that I did not create, but have spoken to me in their own way. These will mainly be photos of what moves me and what I love. Welcome to me.

The Flatirons

Photo By: Wells, Love & Scoby

I love waking up in the morning and knowing that not too far from my house is this wonderful view. I don’t believe there is anything my beautiful that nature. Nature has created perfectly and these mountains are a prime example of that fact.

Mosaic Tile – Art Deco Style


I love Mosaics. I always feel as though I am on an adventure when I see mosaics. Why was it created? How? Who spent the enormous hours completing such a beautiful and useful work of art? I get lost in the glints of color. I melt as I see tiny details being brought forward by color or its mere placement. I do not find anything subdued about mosaics, and I love it.


Vintage Chanel Storefront